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What does a PDF Editor do?

PDF editing software offers advanced features that provide more functionality for PDF documents, such as the ability to convert PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more formats, streamline document creation, conversion, editing, eSigning, and more.

Here are 10 ways a PDF Editing tool can help your business.

1. Manage and organise documents more efficiently by bundling documents and creating a table of contents.

2. Convert PDFs into editable Word and Excel documents, making it easier to extract data and reuse it in other documents.

3. Use advanced PDF editing features, including text and image editing, annotation tools, and redaction to edit PDF documents quickly and easily.

4. Collaborate on documents more effectively with commenting and markup tools.

5. Secure confidential documents with password protection and encryption features, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access them.

6. Simplify document signing with e-signature tools and integrations, saving time and reducing paper waste.

7. Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to convert scanned images and documents into searchable and editable PDFs.

8. Reduce file size and optimise PDFs for faster sharing and storage with advanced compression tools.

9. Improve accessibility by adding tags and creating accessible PDFs that comply with accessibility standards.

10. Improve productivity and efficiency by using Power PDF’s intuitive and user-friendly Microsoft like interface to manage and edit documents.


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