In today’s society, the importance of secure printing technology cannot be overstated. Many of the most mission-critical and sensitive documents are sent to the printer, as modern printers and MFDs are capable of performing a wide range of functions and processes that help organisations improve efficiency and productivity.

Secure printing technology can improve the cyber security of any business

Unfortunately, many businesses underestimate the cyber security risks associated with IoT devices, and do not adequately monitor and protect their networked printers and MFDs. However, digital hacking is not the only concern, as paper documents left unattended in an output tray can easily be intercepted, resulting in costly data breaches.

Securing your business using secure printing technology

To protect your print and document management capabilities, it is essential to implement a security-first print system. Sophisticated user authentication, Follow Me Printing and document encryption are just a few of the safety features of a secure print environment.

Secure printing technology can improve the cyber security of any business

According to the latest Global Print Security Landscape Report by Quocirca, 68% have experienced data losses due to unsecure printing practices. Legacy printers are simply not equipped to safeguard sensitive information, making secure printing solutions a necessity.

Examples of secure printing technology

Secure printing technology provides many benefits in the workplace. With so many distractions in a typical workplace environment, it is easy for printed documents to end up in the wrong hands. Secure printing technology helps defend your documents, staff, and customers.

Follow Me Printing, for example, ensures that printed documents can only be released following user authentication, while document encryption ensures that confidential files are protected from unauthorised access.

Having alerts and audit trails for printing jobs can improve cyber security

Alerts and audit trails are also important in keeping track of device usage and document flows. By having complete visibility over who has been using an MFD and who has been processing files, you can quickly identify potential security issues.

Furthermore, print management software can provide the control and protection needed to enable remote printing with confidence. Remote workers can submit documents from any PC, mobile or tablet device, and the documents are securely stored until they can be printed on office infrastructure or printed by a trusted delegate.

Home printing and security concerns

Is printing from home secure

66% of IT Leaders are concerned about the risk of home printing and security concerns are higher for home printing compared to office printing. With uniFLOW Online, you’re able to also monitor users who are using home printers without having to supply devices for your staff.

Get in touch with the Canon Business Centre SOS, to get help with assessing all printers and MFDs to identify potential weak access points. We can help recommend some improvements.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your print environment is secure and protect your organisation from costly data breaches.